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RPM believes that we can offer our clients a very unique service.  Our services are multi-faceted in that we offer a complete inventory of hose and tubing clamps and separators that you are in need of.   

Joy Robard ~ Owner / Office Manager

Allie Robards ~ General Manager / Technical Support

Rodders Parts & Materials, better known as RPM, is your premium supplier of billet line clamps and separators. We carry an inventory of the most popular and in demand sizes. You can go to our price list page to view what inventory we carry. We service dealers and retail accounts.  We can offer great materials at competitive prices.

The History

It was quite by accident that RPM was started in 1995.  After Allie retired from IBM as an engineer, he was working part-time at a high performance store where he discovered the need and limited supply of premium clamps and separators.  After some research, he and his wife, Joy, decided to start their own operation.  They selected the best grade materials and had extrusion dies made.  The parts were then cut to a width of .562 inches and 6063 billet aluminum was used.  The line clamps were drilled, counter sunk and threaded.  They polished the product to match stainless steel tubing and stainless braided hoses.  All parts were assembled and checked for quality.  RPM still uses this process for manufacturing all their parts today 

As word got out that there was a manufacturer of premium line clamps and separators in the Memphis area, RPM became a value supplier.   

This has prepared RPM to make our inventory readily available to other dealers and chassis builders across the country now. 

To place an order please call Toll Free  1-877-RODDERS (763-3377)







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